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Resilient practices against labour exploitation in agriculture

Women’s Rights


Labsus Association, Solidaria Association, Auser Association, Azione Cattolica, Covo dei Folletti snc, CISOM-Adelfia Group , Libera Adelfia Presidium , Immacolata Parish, San Nicola Parish, Occupazione e Solidarietà Social Cooperative


Poste Insieme Onlus Foundation


Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA), Municipalities of Adelfia, Rutigliano and Noicattaro

Objective of the project

To enhance social inclusion and poverty reduction in the rural areas of Puglia through the strengthening of the social protection system for women working in the agricultural sector

Context analysis

According to the FLAI-CGIL agricultural workers’ federation between 400.000 and 430.000 agricultural workers are at risk of being illegally employed. EU and non-EU migrants represent a high percentage of at risk population. According to the National Institute of Social Security (INPS) Apulia is among the Italian region with the highest number of foreign women rural workers. In 2013 the Labour Directorate revealed that half of the workers of the inspected farms were under non-regular employment contract and 54% of those workers were employed in the province of Bari (Apulia). The employment and social security conditions of women are quantitatively and qualitatively lower than men conditions and social infrastructures do not offer adequate support in terms of work-life balance services and protection. Finally, three out of the seven priority areas identified in the “Experimental protocol against the gangmaster system and the exploitation of labour in agriculture” signed in 2016 by the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies are located in Apulia.

Bari, Metropolitan City of Bari, Italy

The project was implemented in the rural areas around Bari (Apulia region).

Implementation Period

01/11/2016 - 01/11/2017



  • 20 women rural workers living in exploitative conditions
  • 70 citizens living in Carbonara, Ceglie, Loseto, Adelfia, Noicattaro and Rutigliano



  • Women rural workers in the target areas
  • Local communities
  • Employers
  • Institutions and policy-makers

Project Intervention Logic


  • Conduct one research on gender inequality in public services and rural development programmes
  • Implement reflection-action women circles  to analyze and map public services 
  • Organize community lab to co-design community welfare solutions for gender responsive public services
  • Promote the adoption of a  public-private partnership agreement for managing a community welfare services targeting women rural workers 


  • 1 research published
  • 1 database developed
  • 10 capacity building meetings with women
  • 10 capacity building and planning meetings with local institutions and associations
  • 2 civic walks to map the territory
  • 1 public-private partnership agreement signed with the local authorities for a community welfare childcare pilot project


  • People’s awareness about the structural conditions of labour exploitation of women increased
  • Gender inclusive social services are strengthened
  • Women’s representative power is increased
  • Community welfare solutions as social protection tool for women in agriculture developed and tested in partnership with public institutions

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