intercultural services

The YALLA Project- Social Community Services

Integration of migrants and refugees

Objective of the project

We want to improve the efficiency of the social welfare services of the municipality of Naples in responding to the needs of Third Country Nationals particularly families with children with housing problems.

Abstract of the project

The project aims at promoting new governance models for the social assistance services as well as new ways of reception and empowerment services for foreign people and groups particularly those who are most at risk of social marginalization. In particular, the project aims at:

  • Improving the organization of the Area Social Plan services with new operational tools and support procedures (e.g. participatory project management);
  • Creating a local network of public and private entities able to provide social assistance services to Third Country Nationals, in particular vulnerable targets;
  • Promoting the strengthening of intercultural skills of service operators;
  • Piloting new models of social inclusion to fight early school leaving and housing problems;
  • Raising awareness among local community members about integration and human rights.

Context analysis

The foreign population in the metropolitan city of Naples is heterogeneous and dynamic resulting from the intertwining of old and new migratory flows. The increasing numbers of asylum seekers and refugees, including families, women and children, pose new social, cultural, political and organizational challenges in terms of migration management and integration. In particular, people leaving the reception system face significant challenges such as access to study, housing and employment, in a context characterized by a high share of informal economy and prevalence of educational poverty.

In addition, the transformation of the SPRAR system into SIPROIMI with a limited access for refugees has increased the number of people excluded from reception and integration services, increasing their risk of social exclusion. The services targeted to migrants are fragmented and disconnected; there is neither an overall governance of the interventions put in place by the Municipality nor an integrated inter-institutional network capable of overcoming gaps or avoid overlapping.

Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

The project is implemented in the Metropolitan City of Naples.

Implementation Period

15/05/2020 - 31/12/2021



  • 50 public service operators of the Municipality of Naples in the welfare area
  • 250 public employees
  • 900 public and private social service workers and active citizens
  • 400 service providers will benefit from linguistic-cultural mediation interventions
  • 400 operators will benefit from the digital platform


  • 120 Third Country Nationals
  • 50 Italian families
  • 2000 platform subscribers

Project Strategy


  • Analysis and reorganization of the Area Plan services for the migrant population (needs/offer assessment, service design and participatory development, support to procedures and planning)
    Capacity building of public operators
    Launch of 3 one stop shop points
  • Development of a multilevel and multistakeholder territorial governance network
  • Capacity building on mediation for  service operators and launch of an on-call  mediation service in collaboration with the third sector entities
  • Implementation of pilot actions for school inclusion, social co-housing, and “Work & stay” family reception
  • Creation of a digital multistakeholder platform
  • Communication activities
  • Evaluation and developing intervention models 


  • 10 Professional capacity building interventions
  • 30 Rounds of workshops
  • 3 Network Agreements
  • 6 Service improvement co-design processes
  • 1 Publication containing recommendations for model replicability
  • 1 Guidelines for school inclusion
  • 3 Pilot interventions to improve school inclusion, mediation and housing integration services
  • 1 Digital platform
  • 1 Local final meeting


  • The efficiency of the social welfare services of the Municipality of Naples is improved
  • The know-how of public service operators is enhanced
  • Pilot interventions for school inclusion and housing integration are implemented
  • Co-planning of services with the community and public and private entities in the area is promoted



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