attivismo activism sociale

Activism refers to practices, activities and actions aimed to create a substantial change in a system. ActionAid believes that active and organised people both individually and in groups can be the drivers of this change. Social justice, gender equality and poverty eradication can be achieved through purposeful individual and collective efforts to address power inequalities and discrimination.

ActionAid’s work focuses on raising awareness, mobilization, involvement and empowerment of people, creating space for bottom-up social transformation processes through civil activism to empower duty bearers and networking at local, national and global levels.

Main areas of work

  • Awareness raising: events and activities to promote our strategy, programmes and projects;
  • Empowerment: capacity building, local planning, educational activities;
  • Advocacy: petitions, lobby and campaigns towards local and national  stakeholders

Our numbers

ActionAid works with different target groups ranging from individuals, groups, schools, community-based organizations, NGOs, institutional decision-makers and authorities.

This is what we have achieved together:

  • 28 associations and 35 local groups
  • 300 activists and nearly 80.000 online activists
  • A network of 500 schools that use our toolkits and methodologies  

How we campaign!

Campaigning creates and harnesses people’s power through organization, mobilization and communication around a simple and powerful demand in order to achieve a political or social change. We start from local actions to create links with the national and international level.

Our latest campaign #SafeForReal aims to ensure a safe future to the people living in endangered areas affected by natural disasters. The campaign will target different italian cities to listen to the needs of the people.

The campaign promotes participation of citizens in decision-making processes, trasparency of data, resources and policies, rights to reconstruction.

Watch our #SafeForReal campaign.