attivismo activism sociale

Activism refers to practices, activities and actions aimed at giving people the ability to actively contribute to a process of social change starting from the bottom. Our objective is that people acquire competencies and critical consciousness to act against discriminations, human rights violations, gender-based violence and poverty in Italy and in the world.

ActionAid’s work focuses on raising awareness, mobilization and empowering people. Our programmes and projects emphasize community engagement and activism. This means that people, citizens and communities are the leader of the change process.

Our numbers

We encourage the creation of networks among people, groups and associations that do advocacy together at the local, national and international level. We promote the opening of new spaces of activism and participation. In particular, we believe that schools are a key place to develop methodologies and practices to engage the educational community, particularly the youth.

ActionAid works with different target groups ranging from individuals, groups, schools, community-based organizations, NGOs, institutional decision-makers and authorities. This is what we have achieved together:

  • 26 associations and 36 local groups
  • 300 activists and nearly 80.000 online activists
  • A network of 500 schools that use our toolkits and methodologies  

Our campaigns

We do advocacy through petitions, lobbying and campaigns towards local and national stakeholders. Campaigning creates and harnesses people’s power through organization, mobilization and communication around a simple and powerful demand in order to achieve a political or social change.

In our campaigns, the rights-holders define the focus, the objectives and the strategies to be used to enhance the concreteness and credibility of the solutions that we ask for. Our campaigns start from local actions to create links with the national and international level.

We implement campaigns in all different sectors where we work whenever there are issues that are priorities for the country.