migrazione rifugiati e richiedenti asilo migration refugees and asylum seekers

Migrants, refugees or asylum seekers experience a very precarious situation when it comes to the protection and enjoyment of their rights in many European countries as well as globally. Existing policies related to entry, transit, relocation, and resettlement of migrants and refugees highlight the social deficit of liberal democracies and raise questions on the effectiveness of rights protection mechanisms for people on the move.

The current migration management system promotes a securitarian and emergency approach to migration resulting in poor socio-economic inclusion in host communities and limited access to existing educational, economic, and cultural opportunities and resources.

Migration and migrants integration
Napoli, This must be the place, progetto Actionaid. Photo Luigi Narici

Integration of migrants and refugees

The integration process involves different dimensions including employment, education, access to institutions, goods and services, active participation and social inclusion.

ActionAid focuses on improving migrants’ awareness of their rights and the power they have to participate in public life, working with national and local institutions to ensure the respect of migrants’ rights, and changing citizens’ negative perception of migration through education, awareness-raising and campaigning activities for the general public.

teaching migration how to participate in public life
Napoli, This must be the place, progetto Actionaid. Photo Luigi Narici

Monitoring policies

The development of national and European migration and asylum policies represents a key priority to meeting the complexity of migratory patterns, responding effectively to needs and promoting human rights of people on the move.

ActionAid works to improve the transparency and accountability of the migration and asylum system through monitoring the use of funds and the functioning of reception centres in Italy. In addition, ActionAid conducted a number of research on protection of migrants’ rights, public expenditures for migration, global migration patterns and the impact of development cooperation.


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