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Human rights violations at the border

Migration policies and research


Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration (ASGI), Italian Coalition for Freedoms and Rights (CILD) , Indiewatch




Government authorities

Objective of the project

We have contributed to make people and institutions aware of on-going human rights violations against migrants, refugees and asylum seekers at the Lampedusa hotspot.

Abstract of the project

The main focus of the project was the collection and dissemination of data on human rights violations against migrants in the Lampedusa reception centre and the identification of strategic legal cases that could be used to make complaints and advocacy actions towards policymakers and institutions to improve migration policies.  

Context analysis

The Italian island of Lampedusa hosts one of the few national hotspots built to manage the inflow of foreign people arriving through the Mediterranean sea. Despite the structures was designed to host migrants for maximum 3 days, in fact they cannot leave the island and are forced to live in the hotspot for many months due to delays in the asylum application process. Several institutions and associations as well as the National Guarantor of the rights of persons detained or deprived of liberty have denounced that migrants and asylum seekers, including vulnerable groups (children, women and sick people), have been victims of human rights violations and were forced to live in inhumane living conditions at the Lampedusa hotspot. 

Lampedusa, Italy

The project was implemented on the island of Lampedusa. 

Implementation Period

01/03/2018 - 30/09/2018



  • Current migrants hosted in the hotspot


  • Future migrants arriving in Lampedusa 

Project Strategy


  • Collect data and disseminate  information about access to rights 
  • Develop legal, social and anthropological analysis
  • Identify cases for strategic litigation
  • Conduct advocacy actions at the national and European level


  • Data, information and stories collected
  • Legal, social and anthropological analysis developed
  • Cases identified 
  • Advocacy actions implemented 



  • The actual access of migrants to international protection and the respect of their fundamental rights is monitored
  • Cases for strategic litigation to be taken to national and European courts are identified
  • The understanding of the legal, social and anthropological situation of migrants in the hotspot is enhanced


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