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ActionAid Italy is member of the ActionAid international federation working with over 15 million people in more than 40 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America to achieve social justice, gender equality and poverty eradication.

ActionAid Italy has a strong expertise in sensitizing, mobilizing and activating people in Italy and Europe on global and national issues. We have ten years’ experience in developing and implementing projects funded by different donors including the European Commission, national and international foundations, and corporate.

Finally, we have an extremely solid and locally grounded network of supporters including more than 130.000 individual donors and several local activist groups throughout the country covering more than 50 Italian cities.

Our structure

ActionAid Italy is divided into 3 main clusters:

organization structure 3 main cluster

Our team

ActionAid Italy is made of professional and passionate people who engage in their job to improve justice and promote a real change in the world. Our main offices are in Milan and Rome but we are spreaded across Italy through our local groups, entities and “basi”.

Our team brings together different competences, skills and qualities. We can count on 140 people out of which 125 are employees and 15 temporary employees.

Updated at 31/12/2020

Our statutory bodies

ActionAid Italy is governed by a number of competent bodies with a clear division of roles and responsibilities to ensure accountability and transparency of all decision-making processes.

The main statutory bodies include:

  • the General Meeting of the Members
  • the Board of Directors
  • the Chairman
  • the Secretary General
  • the Treasurer
  • the Board of Internal Auditors

Our History: Key dates

  1. 1989

    Azione Aiuto is born

    We open our first office in Milan as Azione Aiuto. The first interventions are focused on Ethiopia.

  2. 1995

    More than 11.000 supporters

    The number of projects grows to include India, Kenya, and six other countries. Azione Aiuto can count on more than 11.000 supporters.

  3. 2000

    Azione Aiuto becomes an important actor in Italy

    Supporters continue to grow reaching 64.500 individuals. Azione Aiuto becomes an important actor in Italy.

  4. 2003

    NGO Status

    Azione Aiuto is recognized as NGO by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and officially becomes ActionAid International Italia Onlus.

  5. 2004

    Opening in Rome

    A new office is opened in Rome to strengthen the cooperation with UN Agencies on the topic of food security which is a key priority for the organization.

  6. 2009

    L’Aquila earthquake

    ActionAid is among the first NGOs to intervene after the L’Aquila earthquake.

  7. 2010

    Right to Food

    ActionAid launches a national campaign, Operation Hunger, to promote the right to food. It targets citizens, international organizations, governments and companies.

  8. 2011

    ActionAid starts working in Italy

    The “Italy, wake up! Strategy” is approved. A distinctive element is the strong focus on projects in Italy to respond to the growing poverty and inequalities after the 2008 economic crisis.

  9. 2013

    17.000 signatories for the campaign against biofuels

    Topics like the right to food and women’s rights gain more interest among our supporters. Our campaign against biofuels reaches 17.000 signatories. More than 3.000 people sends solidarity messages to support the rights of afghan women.

  10. 2016

    Foundation Realizza il Cambiamento

    ActionAid supports the establishment of the Foundation Realizza il Cambiamento aimed to promote rights, improve public awareness, increase institutional accountability and strengthen networking and partnership. The Foundation becomes a key partner of ActionAid.

  11. 2017

    Agorà 2028

    The newly launched strategy Agorà 2028 consists of three main pillars: Rights, Redistribution and Social and Political Resilience. It is based on the idea that building a fairer and more equal society requires improving the quality of democracy starting from citizens’ participation.

  12. 2019

    15 million people in 45 countries

    ActionAid continues to support the work of the international federation working with over 15 million people in 45 countries for a world free from poverty and injustice.

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