migranti, rifugiati e richiedenti asilo

This Must Be The Place – Integration migrants



L.E.S.S. Onlus, Project Ahead Cooperative, University of Naples Federico II




Municipality of Naples, Schools & Universities, Reception centers

Objective of the project

To foster the integration of a group of asylum seekers and refugees through strengthening relationships with peer italian university students and promoting the respect of their rights to education and housing 

Context analysis

Between 2015 and 2017, Italy among other European countries received a large influx of refugees and migrants. Despite a signficant reduction in the number of new arrivals between 2018 and 2019. The italian reception system is still not able to provide an adequate response. Initially, new arrivals were placed and ended up spending months or years in so-called “extraordinary reception centres” (CAS, Centri di Accoglienza Straordinaria) that did not guarantee adequate reception conditions. Only a small percentage of them was transferred to second-line reception centers so called SPRAR which were supposed to implement integrated reception projects through the provision of information, guidance and training. However, in November 2018, a new Security Decree was approved. It clamped down on asylum rights and strengthened security measures including through the dismantling of the SPRAR. This situation is expected to pose even more obstacles to the integration of refugees and asylum seekers including limited access to education and employment opportunities, inadequate housing as well as little spaces for participation to the social life of the community. In this regard, the city of Naples is an example of the obstacles refugees and asylum seekers are facing.

Naples, NA, Italia

The project is implemented in the city of Naples (Campania Region).

Implementation Period

01/03/2018 - 31/07/2019



  • 15  asylum seekers and refugees from different countries
  • 15 italian university students
  • 20 teachers and 4 school headmasters
  • 2 teams of professors from Federico II University and Orientale University


  • Asylum seekers and refugees in Naples
  • Citizens of Naples

Project Intervention Logic


  • Reflection-Action (R/A) cycles
  • Urban exploration activities
  • Co-planning
  • Social Networking  
  • Researching 


  • Male and female asylum seekers and refugees and italian university students take part in the R/A cycles and urban exploration activities
  • One piece of art exposed at the Madre museum
  • Project proposals developed
  • Protocol with schools and universities developed
  • A research conducted on the housing situation and alternative solutions


  • Social and friendship relationships and intercultural dialogue among young italian and asylum seekers and refugees will be fostered;
  • Access to educational and housing opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees will be increased; 
  • Lessons learned to address the obstacles to asylum seekers and refugees’ integration and active participation in the life of the community will be identified and disseminated

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