Sora Project – A participatory Civil Protection Plan

Disaster Risk Reduction
Prevention and Preparedness
Response and Recovery


Municipality of Sora


ActionAid International Italia Onlus


Local associations, Neighbourhood committees

Objective of the project

We enhanched the ability to respond to shocks and emergencies through a participatory process development of the municipal Civil Protection Plan. 

Abstract of the project

The project consists of a participatory process to support the development of the municipal Civil Protection Plan. This process included two main phases: on the one hand, it focused on the understanding and awareness of the vulnerabilities and risks of the area and on the other, it discussed the contents of the plan and its improvement to overcome any gaps. To do this, the project used civic involvement methodologies that consider people active and aware protagonists and holders of knowledge not only recipients of training on the procedures to follow in an emergency. Eventually, the approach underlying this process aims to intervene on the level of people ownership in managing response to emergencies.

Context analysis

From2018, the participation of citizens, individual or associated, is ensured in the process of drawing up civil protection planning, according to the Civil Protection Code. The minimum level of territorial planning is represented by the Municipal Plan that must be periodically updated and should include the following areas: general information, planning guidelines and intervention model. The mandatory nature of the Plan is regulated by law and its configuration is governed by guidelines issued by the Department and by the regional structures of Civil Protection. However, despite the Civil Protection Code, there are very few experiences in Italy that provide for the active involvement of people in civil protection planning. This means, for example, that citizens are not very aware both of the risks and vulnerabilities of their own territory and of the procedures to be implemented in the event of an emergency. 

Sora, Frosinone, Italy

The project is implemented in the Municipality of Sora.

Implementation Period

24/10/2019 - 30/11/2020



  • 60 people of local associations and neighbourhood committees


  • Citizens of the municipality of Sora (26.000 people)

Project Strategy


  • Territorial assessment
  • Workshop on “knowledge of the risks, the territory and presentation of the municipal Plan”
  • Workshop on “proposals to be included in the Plan”
  • Presentation of the final report with the proposals to the municipal administration


  • Report with the proposals for improving the Civil Protection Plan


  • Awareness of the vulnerabilities and risks of the territory among organizations and citizens is increased
  • The municipal Civil Protection Plan is known by a greater number of people
  • Citizens and associations developed improvement proposals for the municipal Civil Protection Plan

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