SWEET- Supporting Women in Emergency with Environnement of Trust

Integration of migrants and refugees


La Speranza ONLUS, La Cittadella della condivisione casa dei diritti e della dignità, La Mediateca


Public and private service providers, Third sector entities, Local communities

Objective of the project

We want to ensure a prompt and proper reception of people who are fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Abstract of the project

The SWEET project – Supporting Women in Emergency with Enviroments of Trust, is ActionAid Italy’s response to the Ukrainian crisis. On the one hand, it promotes access to basic services and basic necessities for those arriving in Italy fleeing the war, and on the other, it immediately focuses on promoting a path of social and economic integration that allows the beneficiaries to lay the foundations for a new life.

Context analysis

The invasion of Ukraine on 24 February marked the escalation of a conflict that has deep roots. The violence of the aggression has triggered a drastic increase in humanitarian needs in the country; in fact, many civilians are still fleeing the fighting, and in many cases are seeking family reunification with people residing in other European countries, including Italy.

The exodus mainly involves women, mothers with children, who walk for days to reach neighbouring countries in extremely precarious conditions. The UNHCR estimates that 9,172,153 refugees from Ukraine have crossed into neighbouring countries in search of safety since 24 February. A further 8 million people are internally displaced within Ukraine. An estimated 15.7 million people are in urgent need of protection and humanitarian assistance (

In the Italian territories in which ActionAid operates, there are needs and criticalities linked, on the one hand, to the reception capacities of the landing contexts and, on the other, to the risk of social polarisation.

In Italy, ActionAid has promptly taken action to support the Ukrainian and Russian-speaking communities in the areas where we have been present for some time with projects of socio-occupational inclusion and empowerment in favour of women and foreign communities.

Corsico, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

Basilicata, Italy

Calabria, Italy

Puglia, Italy

The project focuses on the territories of Arco Ionico (Calabria, Puglia, and Basilicata), Campania, and Lombardia.

Implementation Period

11/04/2022 - 11/04/2023



  • 380 women and children fleeing war
  • 13 women peer mentors 


  • Local public institutions

Project Strategy


  • Mapping needs
  • Collection and distribution of emergency kits 
  • Listening and orientation activities towards different services
  • Community development and peer mentoring


  • Help desks in the project work areas develop and adapt their services to welcome and respond to the basic needs of Ukrainian people fleeing war  
  • Data report   
  • Study of basic needs of people fleeing war  


  • 380 Ukrainian women escaping war receive assistance and socioeconomic guidance that enables them to integrate into host communities
  • 13 Ukrainian and Russian women already living in Italy acquire specific skills for the reception and orientation of refugees and displaced people
  • 3 host communities in which the project operates are sensitized about the issue of reception and integration 

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