Technologies for the economic and social empowerment of young people

Educational poverty
Youth poverty


Vodafone Italia Foundation


Public and private service providers, Civil society organizations, Local communities

Objective of the project

We want to promote socio-economic empowerment pathways for socially vulnerable 16-29 year olds through the conscious use of technology.

Abstract of the project

The project is aimed at young people living in poverty and social vulnerability who will be involved in a process focused on the conscious use of technology as a tool for empowerment and on increasing digital skills. At the same time, a research will be carried out in order to highlight risks and opportunities in the use of technologies among young people, paying particular attention to gender differences, in order to map some of the causes of the gender gap in technology.

Context analysis

Italy has one of the highest percentages in Europe of young people not in employment, education or training (NEET). During the Covid-19 pandemic, these young people were the most penalised and least protected by support measures, in particular employment support; the use of technology can be a means to intercept those in difficulty and meet their needs through empowerment. However, technology can sometimes have critical aspects, especially from a gender, geographical and socio-economic perspective. From a gender perspective, specifically, one of the major obstacles is the well-founded fear of being subjected to gender-based violence online.

Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Torino, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

Agrigento, Italy

Lecce, Province of Lecce, Italy

Palermo, PA, Italy

The project is carried out in Milan, Turin, Agrigento, Lecce and Palermo.

Implementation Period

01/04/2022 - 31/03/2023



  • 500 young vulnerable men and women aged between 16 and 29 (NEET, young people experiencing poverty and social exclusion)
  • 5/6 local associations/bodies


  • 2000 young men and women involved in the local realities of the project
  • 200 institutional stakeholders to whom the report resulting from the research will be disseminated

Project Strategy


  • Peer-to-peer training for territorial operators working with young people
  • Empowerment workshop for young people focused on the conscious use of technology. The course involves the use of the LV8 app, coined by Fondazione Vodafone to develop certified digital skills recognised in the world of work
  • Qualitative research on the risks and opportunities of new technologies as a tool for empowerment


  • Toolkit on digital verbal self-defence for young people with a strong intersectional perspective
  • Report with data, infographics and recommendations to inform policies for youth empowerment and preventing/combating youth vulnerability
  • Communication campaign on stereotypes and online violence, including terminology that supports them (e.g. hate speech, sexist language)


  • 500 young people improved their awareness and acquired skills in the use of new technologies
  • Territorial operators trained in the use of technology as a tool for empowerment
  • 2000 people sensitised on the issue of online violence and on risks and opportunities related to new technologies


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