The Care Project

Civic Actors for Rights and Empowerment

Citizen participation
Good Governance and Citizen Participation


Fondazione Realizza il Cambiamento


European Commission - The European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)


70 local communities, 70 local municipalities

Objective of the project

We want to enhance the capacities of CSOs in Italy to uphold the promotion, protection and respect of EU fundamental human rights and values at national, regional and local level with a specific focus on marginalized areas

Abstract of the project

The project aims at promoting the protection and respect of EU Rights and Values at national and local level through CSOs and rights holders’ empowerment. The intervention strategy is based on three interconnected lines of intervention:

  •  financial support to small and medium grass root level civil society organizations
  • an extensive capacity building program including training and mentoring on relevant thematic and organizational areas
  • the creation of an informal supporting network among the CSOs involved

Context analysis

According to the FRA report Challenges facing civil society organisations working on human rights in the EU, it is not possible to  give  a  complete  overview  of  the dependence  on  public  funds by  CSOs, however  it  seems  that  it  ranges  between  56%  and  85% with  only  one  exception  (FRA  report  2017)  in which it seemed that 86.1% of CSOs funds come from the private sector (businesses and individuals). This is in line with the latest ISTAT census which highlights individual or business donations as the main source of funding.


The project is implemented in Italy

Implementation Period

01/01/2023 - 31/12/2025



  • 70 CSOs funded and involved in the capacity building program and networking activities
  • 140 Staff and volunteers involved directly in the capacity building program and networking activities


  • 70 local partners of funded CSOs (at least one local partner per funded organization who will benefit from working together with a CSO which increased its capacities)
  • 140 peer staff/volunteers (at least 2 additional ones with the respect to the direct target per funded organization)

Project Strategy


  • Capacity Building activities:  
  • Training on awareness raising and communication 
  • Training on specific thematic areas, such as 
  • participation framework, gender mainstreaming, intersectional analysis and social integration of migrants.
  • Training on target’s specific needs: 
  • fundraisin public and policies on rural areas and campaigning
  • Financial Support activities

  • Dissemination, outreach and networking activities


  • 70 projects implemented
  • A capacity building handbook produced
  • One project webpage reporting on the progress of the 70 projects implemented
  • 70 capacity development projects (one for each financed CSOs) completed
  • 140 staff duly trained on relevant thematic areas and CSOs management topics


  • To strengthen the sustainability of 70 small and medium grassroot CSOs promoting EU Rights and Values.
  • To enhance the capacity of CSOs to deliver more effective and accountable projects, programs and initiatives.
  • To promote the creation of a network of CSOs who can support each other in their communication, lobby and advocacy actions.
  • To develop CSOs capacities of outreach, engagement and promotion of participatory processes
  • To ensure project outreach and dissemination of results


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