Reception and inclusion of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Italy

The research produced by EURICSE and Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italia provides an overview of the migration phenomenon and the responses adopted by different actors: policy-makers, noting the strong limits of Italian legislation in promoting the autonomy of asylum seekers and refugees; the Third Sector, giving voice to the experiences considered most innovative on the national scene. Among these is also This Must Be The Place, a project implemented by ActionAid in 2018, which tested an intervention model for the autonomy of asylum seekers and refugees in Naples. The project and ActionAid’s "universal" approach to inclusion, aimed at creating equal relationships and valuing differences and reciprocity, are cited as good practice in the chapter dedicated to "Percorsi d'Inserimento Socio-Lavorativo" written by Giulia Galera, which ActionAid contributed to. The document is only available in Italian.

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