Empowering Urban Youth for Climate Action

Food poverty


Municipality of Milan (Coordinator), Municipality of Turin, Municipality of Frankfurt, Municipality of London, Municipality of Warsaw, Municipality of Zagreb, Municipality of Sofia, Municipality of Madrid, Municipality of Murcia, Municipality of Malmo, Municipality of Almere, Municipality of Bruges, Municipality of Sao Paolo, Municipality of Pest, Municipality of Molenbeek, Municipality of Nea Smyrni , ActionAid International Italia Onlus, ActionAid International Hellas, Mani Tese, Fondazione Acra, Lisbon CLLD Network, Manchester Climate Agency, Brazov Metropolitan Agency, ALDA , Risteco, Alianza por la Solidaridad, BJCEM – Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs d’Europe et de la Méditerranée, Erasmus Student Network, Wcycle Institute Maribor


European Commission- DEAR


Global Shapers Italia, C40 Cities

Objective of the project

We aim at improving knowledge, understanding and engagement of European citizens on sustainable food production and consumption for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. 


Abstract of the project

The project implements actions to raise awareness and engage the public opinion, in particular young people, on key climate change related issues and the role of urban food policies, addressing the food-climate link and croscutting themes such as the social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups like people living in the peripheral districts and migrants.

The project involves the co-creation of information materials for dissemination and mobilization campaigns, training courses for young activists, micro-financing for small youth organizationsyouth exchanges between the northern and southern countries of the world, visual art competitions. 

Context analysis

Eating habits and food systems in general on a local and global level determine a significant impact on climate change. Global warming and in general the anthropogenic changes of biogeochemical cycles currently underway threaten food systems, putting at risk not only their efficiency but also the subsistence of many populations.

Food and consumption habits affect the everyday life of diverse communities and people and can be addressed through public policies (as in the case of the Milan Food Policy) and structural changes in economic systems.

The project is implemented in 17 countries: Italy, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, France, Slovenia, Brazil.

Implementation Period

01/12/2019 - 30/11/2023



  • 5.000 youth 15-35 years old


  • 15 milions of youth 15-35 years old

Project Strategy


  • Scientific research and development of evidence-based information material
  • A school for young activists
  • Laboratories for youth living in marginalized districts
  • North/South exchanges of young people
  • Creation of a network of European food influencers
  • Development of online and offline discussion platforms
  • Co-creation of street actions in the territories
  • Film festivals and visual art competitions for young activists
  • Organization of a High Level meeting on food and climate in view of the Youth Cop 


  • Evidence-based information materials and tools on climate change and food  
  • A sub-granting scheme for youth association  
  • Youth led offline and online discussions  
  • A network of European food influencer 
  • One Pan-European communication campaign  
  • One European contest for visual artists 
  • Local and international events 


Young people in 19 European cities: 

  • are aware of the importance of environmentally sustainable food consumption behaviors and the impact of food systems and policies 
  • improve their engagement and campaigning skills for the promotion of sustainable food systems
  • take action to engage a large European audience on the issues of sustainable food consumption and urban food policies to combat climate change


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