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Integrity Pacts (IPACTs)

Civil control mechanisms for safeguarding EU funds

Good Governance and Citizen Participation


Gruppo Abele ONLUS, Monithon Initiative


European Commission-DG Regio, Transparency International


Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Local authorities

Objective of the project

We promote the use of the Integrity Pacts to safeguard EU funds against fraud and corruption and, as a tool to increase mutual transparency, accountability and trust between contracting authorities, competitors and citizens

Abstract of the project

The main focus of the project is to create a monitoring system led by citizens and civil society organizations that ensures transparency and accessibility of data on public procurements and contracts. The project’s main activities include theoretical training on civic monitoring, field visits, discussion tables between citizens and contracting authority representatives and awareness raising activities in schools about  transparency, legality and open data.

Context analysis

The European Commission (DG Regio) launched a pilot program in different EU Member States to test the adoption of the Integrity Pacts (IP) in the procurement process related to European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds). The Integrity Pact is an agreement signed by the contracting authority, the bidding participants and an independent third-party control entity aimed at monitoring the tender procedures and the implementation of the contract and report any fraud or irregularity. Actionaid Italy, as indipendent supervisor, is monitoring two projects in Calabria: the modernisation of the National Archaeological Museum of Sibaritide and the transformation of the archeological area called “White House”. The Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities  (MiBAC) is involved in quality of Management Authority of the “Culture and Development” Operational Program and the Regional Secretariat for the Ministry in Calabria as the Contracting Authority.

Sibari, Sibari, CS, Italia

The project is implemented in the archeological area of Sibari (Calabria Region).

Implementation Period

01/12/2016 - 31/12/2019



  • 30 citizens engaged as civic monitors
  • 4 school classes participating to field visits
  • 2 private companies and their employees
  • 1 contracting authority


  • Citizens of local communities in the Sibari area
  • Economic actors that may participate to future bids
  • Visitors of the archaeological area

Project Strategy


  • Contract signature with authorities
  • Civic monitoring laboratories and webinars
  • Field visits
  • Legal/technical support


Integrity Pacts are promoted as tools to improve transparency and accountability of public contracts


  • Better procedures and parameters for monitoring, reviewing and analyzing public tenders will be put in place
  • Improved open data sources will be available
  • Civil society actors will be able to make use of Integrity Pacts to monitor public contracts


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