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Food poverty


Hamef Association, Senegalese Association Neaples, Cultural Association Bellarus, Vivlaviv Association, The Italian Gambian Association, Slowfood Italia Neaples, La Speranza


Intesa San Paolo Fund for charitable, social and cultural contributions, ActionAid


Objective of the project

We supported poor foreign and Italian families and people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic to access essential goods and claim their rights. 

Abstract of the project

ActionAid coordinates voluntary associations and communities of foreign citizens active in the popular districts of Neaples and Corsico (Milan) to deliver food and basic assistance to Italian and foreign families and people. In addition, the organizations map new fragile individuals and families and conduct a qualitative survey to enhance the knowledge of the economic and social conditions of aid recipients and take action to improve policies to combat poverty. 

Context analysis

In working-class neighbourhoods and in the peripheral areas of metropolitan cities, local associations and communities of foreign citizens have acknowledged an increased request for food and essential goods since the first months of the Covid19 pandemic. Many people have lost their primary source of income due to social distancing and the closure of production activities. People with low or zero income or with occasional, irregular, atypical jobs have not been adequately reached by measures to combat poverty. For foreign people, this can also mean losing the right to stay in Italy. The specific needs of the most vulnerable groups remain unknown to public opinion and policy makers, leading to inadequate measures to stem growing poverty. 

The project is implemented in Neaples and Corsico (Milan).

Implementation Period

01/04/2020 - 31/07/2020



  • 1.208 people


  • Local voluntary associations

Project Strategy


  • Distribution of food and essential goods to families and individuals in need
  • Mapping and identification of new beneficiaries 
  • Production of multilingual material on the Covid-19 epidemic and containment measures 
  • Participatory qualitative survey on beneficiaries’ access to public support measure 
  • Participatory process for the elaboration of political requests to combat poverty and the impact of the pandemic 


  • 1 qualitative survey on the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic on poverty and the impact of public support measures in the target areas (included in the report “The pandemic starving Italy”) 


  • Italian and foreign families and individuals have access to food and essential goods 
  • Local organizations create a multicultural cohesive community informed and active in the fight against poverty in their areas


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