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Youth For Love

contro la violenza di genere

Women’s Rights


ActionAid Hellas, Afol Metropolitana Consortium, Center Partnership for Equality (CPE), UC Leuven-Limburg (UCLL)


European Commission-DG Justice and Consumers


Upper secondary schools

Objective of the project

To develop, implement and evaluate an integrated high-school educational program in 4 European countries (Romania, Italy, Belgium and Greece) to contribute to the prevention and combating of gender-based violence among teenagers providing support and awareness to both high-school students and education professionals with regard to the existence, unacceptability, consequences and management procedures to be applied in gender based violence cases

Context analysis

Despite its pervasive and widespread nature, gender-based violence remains an under-reported phenomenon. In 2009, the European Parliament called upon the Member States to adopt “measures to prevent gender-based violence among young people by providing for targeted education campaigns and better cooperation among stakeholders and the various circles affected by the phenomenon, such as families, schools, the public space, and the media”. Indeed, education plays a key role in challenging the negative social norms that drive gender-based violence. Teenagers have lower self-protective mechanisms and are particularly vulnerable to perpetuate and/or be subject to violent behaviours.  Experiencing gender-based violence in the teenage years has the potential to negatively influence the victims for the rest of their lives and lower their well-being and quality of life. At the same time, adolescence is a period where changing perspectives on gender relations and roles and challenging myths concerning gender based violence and sexual harassment has a higher potential to succeed.





The project will be implemented in 4 EU countries including Italy (Milan), Romania (Bucharest), Greece (Athens) and Belgium (Genk).

Implementation Period

01/01/2019 - 31/12/2020



  • 1200 high-school students aged 14-18 years old
  • 180 education professionals – teachers, headmasters, school counsellors, school psychologists


  • 4000 families of targeted teenagers
  • 2.000.000 young students and people in Europe reached through the online Serious Game and web materials

Project Intervention Logic


  • Student and teacher trainings
  • Peer to Peer activities
  • Networking  
  • Impact Evaluation


  • School diagnosis conducted
  • Training material/tools developed
  • Educational activities implemented (including peer to peer)
  • Online game and website developed


  • Educational instruments and methodologies adapted to young people needs will be developed
  • Awareness and empowerment of 600 high-school students and 180 education professionals (teachers, headmasters, school counsellors, school psychologists) about gender-based violence will be increased
  • Gender based violence, especially affecting teenagers, will be brought to the attention of the public

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