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Youth For Love

Addressing gender-based violence through education

Women’s Rights


ActionAid Hellas, Afol Metropolitana Consortium, Center Partnership for Equality (CPE), UC Limburg vzw (UCLL)


European Commission-DG Justice and Consumers


Upper secondary schools

Objective of the project

Our goal is to contribute to the prevention of gender-based violence among adolescents by promoting new teaching methods and educational tools to increase the awareness of students, teachers and school staff on the phenomenon, the consequences and the creation of safe reporting procedures.

Abstract of the project

The project provides training activities for students to understand gender-based violence and how to prevent or address it and for teachers to develop new teaching methodologies and safe and accessible school procedures for reporting violent incidents. The project foresees also creative student peer to peer awareness raising activities. Finally, it aims at creating a network of institutions and organizations active in the field of gender-based violence to promote an active exchange of best practices.

Context analysis

Gender-based violence among adolescents remains an underestimated phenomenon despite its pervasive nature and the negative short and long-term consequences it has on the people involved and the community. Education is central to efforts to prevent gender-based violence (GBV) because it addresses its underlying causes and drivers. It helps fighting the negative social norms, changing perspectives on gender relationships and roles, and challenging myths about violence and sexual harassment. In this regard, schools, in collaboration with students, parents, public and private services, have a fundamental role in the prevention and management of episodes of violence through educational programs and procedures.





The project is implemented in 4 EU countries including Italy (Milan), Romania (Bucharest), Greece (Athens) and Belgium (Gent).

Implementation Period

01/01/2019 - 31/03/2021



  • 1200 high-school students aged 14-18 years old
  • 180 education professionals – teachers, headmasters, school counsellors, school psychologists


  • 4000 families of targeted teenagers
  • 2.000.000 young students and people in Europe reached through the online Serious Game and web materials

Project Strategy


  • School data collection
  • Student and teacher trainings
  • Peer to Peer activities
  • Networking  
  • Impact Evaluation


  • 3 training toolkits developed
  • Educational activities implemented 
  • 1 Online game and website developed


  • Educational tools and methodologies tailored to young people needs will be developed
  • Awareness and empowerment of 600 high-school students and 180 education professionals (teachers, headmasters, school counsellors, school psychologists) about gender-based violence will be increased
  • Gender based violence among teenagers, will be brought to the public attention 



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