How much does a wall cost?

“The big wall”: the first investigative report by ActionAid on the funds spent on external migration action

ActionAid launches the investigative report “The big wall”: an intense work of mapping the expenditure that Italy has carried out in the last five years to stop migration flows from Africa.

A complex exercise, given the lack of transparency that characterizes these funds guided by a security approach to migration: 50% of the funds, in fact, went to border control.

On the contrary, just 1% of the over 1 billion and 330 million mapped was allocated to the only policy effective in guaranteeing the safety of migrants and a positive impact of migration on the development of countries of origin and destination: namely the construction of legal pathways of migration. For example, the possibility to enter our country regularly for work and study purposes with the support of projects aimed at professional training and sustainable return.

A dedicated website has been created which contains a long journalistic investigation curated by Giacomo Zandonini and accompanied by usable infographics. From the site, it is also possible to access a dataset containing all pieces of information found on the projects funded with the 1.3 billions mapped.