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Through Empowerment and Rejection

Women’s Rights


ActionAid International Ireland, ActionAid International Sweden, International Foundation Simetrias, Respect for Change Organization, University of Castilla-La-Mancha


European Commission- DG Justice and Consumers


Community and religious leaders, Local institutions, Service providers

Objective of the project

To reduce the risk of migrant girls living in the EU to undergo FGM/C by promoting the rejection of the practice by affected communities and raising awareness among local policy makers to ensure that FGM victims -or potential victims- can receive the appropriate support, also via tailored social and healthcare services

Context analysis

Female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) reflects a deep-rooted inequality between the sexes. It constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against girls and women and a violation of women’s human rights to life, dignity and health. According to the European Institution for Gender Equality, FGM/C has increasingly become a problem within EU borders because of the presence of FGM-practising communities. Immigrant women and girls residing in European countries might have undergone FGM/C before moving to the EU or are subjected to FGM whilst travelling temporarily back to their countries of origin, for instance, holiday periods. At the European level, many states have adopted legislations that criminalize the act. However, more effort is needed to design prevention strategies  in collaboration with communities where FGM/C are practiced and focused awareness-raising for example for teachers, medical staff, social workers and others likely to encounter at-risk children and their families.





The project was implemented in Italy, Ireland, Spain, and Sweden. 

Implementation Period

01/03/2016 - 28/02/2018



  • 26 participants trained successfully on Reflection-Action methodology 
  • 218 women & girls and 105 men attended the empowerment paths
  • 50 Champions for Change engaged in raising awareness and taking actions around the FGM/C practice


  • 700 people attended the documentary screening events
  • 20.000 people watched the documentary broadcasted  in streaming on RTBF’s third Channel “la Trois”
  • 11 countries involved in the testimony tours

Project Intervention Logic


  • Awareness raising activities 
  • Empowerment activities 
  • Networking 


  • 4 Country Baseline and Needs Assessments elaborated
  • 30000 Factsheets “Your Health, Your Right” produced in 12 languages
  • 4 Twitter campaigns organized
  • 1 Champion for Change Network established
  • 1 Reflection-Action training organised
  • 22 empowerment paths organised for women, girls and men
  • A documentary and 10 short videos realized
  • 23 screening events organised
  • 6 testimony tours organised


  • Migrant women and girls as well as their communities in particular men and religious leaders to reject FGM/C improved their awareness;
  • A network of supportive local administrators is strengthened
  • A wide audience of European citizens is sensitized on FGM/C

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