after project progetto

The AFTER project

Against FGM/C Through Empowerment and Rejection

Women’s Rights


ActionAid Ireland, ActionAid Sweden, International Foundation Simetrias, Respect for Change Organization, University of Castilla-La-Mancha


European Commission- DG Justice and Consumers


Community and religious leaders, Local institutions, Service providers

Objective of the project

Our intervention has contributed to improve awareness of the FGM/C risks for migrant girls and women living in the EU and to ensure appropriate support and adequate social and health-care services.

Abstract of the project

The project has carried out research activities including mapping of services, policies and practices; awareness-raising activities on the consequences and risks of FGM targeting women, girls, men and community leaders; lobbying and advocacy towards local, national and international institutions and policymakers; dissemination of videos and other informative material and the creation of a network of “champions of change” made up of activists, policymakers, professionals of social, health and educational services.

Context analysis

According to the European Institution for Gender Equality, Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) has increasingly become a problem in EU Member States because of the presence of FGM-practising migrant communities. At the European level, many states have adopted legislations that criminalize the act.  However, these laws often do not have an impact on the incidence of a practice that is perceived as an element of the cultural identity of many migrant communities. In this regard, more effort is needed to design prevention and awareness-raising strategies targeting teachers, medical staff, social workers and others likely to encounter at-risk children and their families in communities where FGM/C are practised.





The project was implemented in Italy, Ireland, Spain, and Sweden. 

Implementation Period

01/03/2016 - 28/02/2018



  • 26 participants trained successfully on Reflection-Action methodology 
  • 218 women & girls and 105 men attended the empowerment paths
  • 50 Champions for Change engaged in raising awareness and taking actions around the FGM/C practice


  • 700 people attended the documentary screening events
  • 20.000 people watched the documentary broadcasted  in streaming on RTBF’s third Channel “la Trois”
  • 11 countries involved in the testimony tours

Project Strategy


  • Awareness raising activities 
  • Empowerment activities 
  • Networking 


  • 4 Country Baseline and Needs Assessments elaborated
  • 30000 Factsheets “Your Health, Your Right” produced in 12 languages
  • 4 Twitter campaigns organized
  • 1 Champion for Change Network established
  • 1 Reflection-Action training organised
  • 22 empowerment paths organised for women, girls and men
  • A documentary and 10 short videos realized
  • 23 screening events organised
  • 6 testimony tours organised


  • Migrant women and girls as well as their communities in particular men and religious leaders to reject FGM/C improved their awareness;
  • A network of supportive local administrators is strengthened
  • A wide audience of European citizens is sensitized on FGM/C


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