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Women's economic empowerment
Women’s Rights


Family Counselling Centre, Psychosocial Centre - Via Livigno, University of Milano-Bicocca

Objective of the project

We promote girls and young women’s empowerment by supporting their reintegration in the job market or training as well as their activation at the local level.

Abstract of the project

The project envisages the implementation of a socio-economic empowerment process aimed at enhancing soft skills and competencies useful for job and/or training reintegration and acquiring knowledge of gender-based violence services and sexual and reproductive health services and issues to improve women’s self-determination process. This edition will close the cycles of the project financed by Z Zurich Foundation and foresees the dissemination of the results through a publication and the organisation of public meetings with relevant stakeholders.

Context analysis

According to Eurostat data, the number of young people not in employment, education or training (NEET) has increased across Europe since the start of the pandemic. There are more than 2 million NEETs in Italy, boys and girls who do not study or work. The latest ISTAT data (2021) confirms an alarming phenomenon that affects 24% of young people, a number that is growing compared to 2020. More than 97,000 young people have left work or education in the last year. Also in the case of NEETs, a substantial gender gap emerges: 25% of girls in Italy are inactive, against 21.3% of boys. Finally, data confirms the higher presence of NEETs in Southern Italy compared to Northern and Central Italy.

Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

The project is implemented in Milan (Italy).

Implementation Period

01/12/2021 - 30/06/2022



15 girls and young women between 16 and 25 years old who are NEET (Not in education, employment or training).


Families, social services, employment and training centres.

Project Strategy


  • Digital skills training course to make a conscious use of social networks also when looking for job opportunities; 
  • Professional and personal skills empowerment path;  
  • Career coaching, work and training orientation in collaboration with Afol Metropolitana 
  • Creative photography course in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Photography;
  • Workshop on the rights of girls and young women;
  • Mentoring with Zurich employees; 
  • Research of training and job opportunities


  • 1 activation pact co-written with participants
  • 1 publication of the final project report
  • 1 photo fanzine
  • Portfolio of competences for each participant


  • 40 girls reached and contacted
  • 15 NEET girls and young women all between 16 and 25 years old participate in the project
  • 70% of the participants are reactivated (they find a job, enrol in a training course, become active at local level, etc.).


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