L.E.I. project progetto

L.E.I. against domestic violence

Labour Empowerment Independence

Women’s Rights


Adecco Group Foundation, Casa della donne Association, I Sei Petali Cooperative


Corporate (UPS)


Anti-violence centers, Private sector companies

Objective of the project

To promote the economic independence of women who experienced Intimate Partner Violence

Context analysis

According to the 2014 National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) Survey, violence against women remains a severe and pervasive problem in Italy. Nearly 31,5% of women aged 16- 70 years old has been subject to a form of physical or sexual violence. Partners are usually responsible for the most serious forms of violence against women. Indeed, 62,7% rapes are committed by a previous or current partner. Evidence shows that a large number of women remain in abusive and violent relationships because of limited economic independence. Many women don’t have financial means to sustain themselves, a place to live and access to employment opportunities. Finally, more than half of the victims (52,75%) suffer from lack of self-esteem and confidence as a result of the continued violence which hinders their ability to rebuild their lives.

Milano, MI, Italia

The project is implemented in Milan (Lombardia Region).

Implementation Period

01/03/2018 - 31/03/2019



  • 22 women who experienced intimate partner  violence


  • Children and relatives of the targeted women

Project Intervention Logic


  • Sewing classes
  • Job Counseling
  • Entrepreneurship training



Women take part in trainings that address employability barriers and strengthen self-empowerment


  • Women’s competencies for the active job search including job searching channels, how to write a CV and how to conduct a job interview will be improved 
  • Women’s tailoring skills for personal and productive use will be increased 
  • Women’s self-esteem and empowerment will be strengthened

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